Subject Re: [ib-support] --* Please Help*--- Database corruption and cannot backup & restore

> I haven't heard of symbolic links causing this problem on Linux...but I don't think I've heard of corruption on a Linux database either. It would be worthwhile raising on firebird-devel and/or asking Ann (world-expert database-decorrupter) if she has run across it...

Below is something I found a while ago in an interbase newsgroup.
Obviously it is somehow possible to corrupt a gdb, even under Linux.


Hi all:

We have an IB database created on server:/dir/base.gdb (RedHat Linux
One of our programmers set its Database Desktop (we´re using Delphi)
as server://dir/base.gdb (double slash)
and created
some tables and Stored Procs . Every change she makes is not seen by
anybody if database is registered (Database
Desktop , IBAdmin , isql ) with a single slash . Only if double slash is
provided changes are seen . So we have
ONE file in the system (only one base.gdb is found) and if we use two
ways to acces to it we get two different
databases . I´m sure Í´m wrong somewhere
but don´t I know where.


Hi, Pablo. NEVER connect to .gdb with different strings - it is most
direct way to corrupt database namely because server treat this as
different databases. Check Language Reference ("Connection-specific
examples", p. 73 for IB6) and always use connection string accordingly
your network protocol. 99% for fact your database is already
corrupted. Check it and try to repair if so.

Best regards.


Of course our DB was corrupted ... Any way I´m unable to understand how
can have
2 different databases ( at least for IbAdmin) and one physical file . As
said we have changed all references to db with the same string , and now
things work OK