Subject Re: [ib-support] Parameter in the Where clause
Author junior
Thanks Svein,

> 2) Create your SQL at runtime in Delphi.
> Out of curiousity (and because it might help others to answer how they
> solved a similar situation to yours): Why do you want to do this?

That's what I am doing now. My scenario here:

I let the users determine the criteria of the Where clause, in order to
return a result set from a table or a join. So in this case, the db
connectivity is between a TClientDataSet and a TDataSetProvider which in
turn connects to a TIBQuery. I am thinking of avoiding the CommanText at
all, and instead, by passing parameters from TClientDataSet to the TIBQuery
to retrieve the result set. Just thought that it would be better (without
any proof, just personal assumption) :)

Best wishes,