Subject Re: Deadlock and wait
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
Hi, Woody.

> > My post is rather late, but why you (and many other
> > people) use the same transaction to show user large amount of
> > in the grid and for performing changes?
> >

My apologies. I misunderstood you, partly because of IBX provokes
people for such tecnhique and therefore mass of stereotype questions
of this kind in Borland NGs (I look it through time to time), partly
because of my own carelessness.
In the case that you described I see only 2 ways:
1. Pessimisictic locking if nature of application allows it - there is
some risk to stop access of other users to locked record for a long
time, but it is most easiest way to quickly
> > go through an app that's already complete
FB/IB is much less affected by OIT/OAT than other RDBMS, ecpecially
applications that mainly select and insert data. Thank Ann - she
explained me this some time ago. Actually, I have MRP application with
about 30 000 transactions daily and all selects are done in one
<read_commited read> transaction that starts on application start and
commits after about 10 hours. Sweep is made at night. No any
performance degradation.
2. I never tried ClientDataSets with BLOBs, but it seems it is what
you need.

Best regards.