Subject Re: [ib-support] Deadlock and wait
Author Robert F. Tulloch

> I just can't see myself going through and changing all my data-aware stuff
> to non-data-aware simply to be able to close the transaction when
> reading/browsing. I already close it whenever the user goes to a different
> record so I really can't see the advantages of going beyond that but maybe
> I'm just missing something.

That is an unreasonable way to go at it.

I personally can't see a problem. If I open two instances of app on same or diff
same record, I can't see any interference. I can sit with transaction/dataset open on
one and no effect on the other, no interference. Granted, if one updates from the
second, the one sitting open/idle won't see changes without refresh. Do I care?? I
don't know.

One thing I do notice is that open two instances, have first on first record,
second on second record. Update second/second record. Scroll first to second record
and it is not the updated
version. I guess doing a refresh before edit and refresh on scroll would solve that
but that is absurd.