Subject Re: [ib-support] Deadlock and wait
Author Marcos Vinicius Dufloth
No matter what you do, you will always get deadlock error when two
users/sessions try update the same record at same time. You, or the
component you are using, could take care about this, rereading the record
and applying changes again. To make a test to force this, write two scripts
that change the same record thousands of times (35401 in my test) and put to
execute at isql at same time. You will see it.


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Subject: Re: [ib-support] Deadlock and wait

> From: "Robert F. Tulloch" <tultalk@...>
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> >
> > I just did a test with two instances of app opened up on same record.
> Put both in
> > edit,
> > altered data in first one, issued commitretaining, alter data
> in second
> > one, issued commitretaining, refreshed first one and it showed changes
> from second.
> > Put them both back in edit and did reverse. Same results.
> >
> I have done the same type of tests and got the same results. No matter
> I tried, it always worked like I thought it should. It's not the same as a
> multi-user environment but I figure it has to be close. Anyway, that's
> mainly why I have been staying sort of confused about this, too. No matter
> what I do, I can't make it fail. I only receive an occasional deadlock
> a week or so at a customer site so I guess that's a pretty good sign, eh?
> Woody
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