Subject RE: [ib-support] isc_expand_dpb
Author Rado Benc
Hi Andy,

> it for you. It took me several days to give up on
> isc_expand_dpb(); it is now anti-recommended. It took me an hour
> to write my own code to fill in the array myself. Here is a copy
> and paste of my source code, working for six months now:

I also spent few hours trying to get the proper dpb - fortunately
I had one version using isc_expand_dpb working, so I knew how the
"proper" dpb should look like.
For now, I have two versions of code for database attaching - one
with isc_expand_dpb and one with code similar to what you posted.
As I understand the problem - Firebird people recommend not to
use the call. Borland people are unaware of it. As I cannot predict
if our customers will use Borland's IB or Firebird - I'll try to
support both.

Thank you,