Subject Re: [ib-support] gds32.dll
Author Jason Wharton
I too must join in here and add my agreement for what Rob is saying. In not
just months but years I have grown very weary of the issues surrounding the
broken or incompatible GDS32.dll versions in one way or another. I think
making a GDS32.DLL that actually works with IB 5.x and up is of imperative
importance. Event alerters is one area that has always been a pain and now
to have problems with multi-threading issues in general is fearsome.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [ib-support] gds32.dll

> Hi Ann,
> There still seems to be quite a bit of uncertainty (and a **large** amount
> of uneasyness) among the several of users (and vendor) of ASTA and
> regarding the thread safety issue of gds32.dll. In fact the inability of
> **anybody** to give a thorough explanation of the problem and steps to
> in implementing an application that will not be compromised by this issue
> giving people a reason to think about options other than
> It has certainly made life very difficult for the ASTA folks and if you
> search their list on yahoogroups, you will see several repeated threads on
> the issue...and you will also notice that to this day (a for the last
> several months) nobody really can characterize the problem (in a way that
> clear to the developer), nor can anybody offer a really sound solution
> (though I have suggested that always connecting with severname:path, i.e.
> using the remote interface appears to be the suggested method of avoiding
> the issue).
> In short, the knowledge that the problem exists, the lack of knowledge of
> the issues, and no clear guidelines on how to avoid the potential problem,
> is hurting InterBase/Firebird...and I'll speculate, not trivially. This
> lack of knowledge is not confined to "newbies" or even people such as
> who are relatively high-level programmers with little to no knowledge of
> database engine internals, but also includes people long involved with
> interbase at a very fundamental level.
> Can someone with the appropriate knowledge create a short white paper on
> problem? I would be more than happy to review it, but I do not have the
> knowledge to create it.
> It is perceived as a serious issue by many people using and supporting
> and appears to have had no resolution or attention for many months. I
> been unable to find it in the firebird bug list as of a couple of months
> ago. In an earlier e-versation we had, I beleive you suggested that
> would be fairly straightforward (for Jim) to resolve, but he had other
> commitments. If this is the case then perhaps he could advise the
> development team on its solution???
> thanks
> Rob Schuff
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