Subject Re: [ib-support] IB free x IB paid
Author Daniel Rail
At 07/19/2001 10:59 PM, you wrote:
>I've always been somewhat confused by this subject. There's a:
>a) free version of Interbase 6.01
>b) paid version of Interbase 6.01
>c) free version of Firebird

Yes, you are correct.

>So how stable is Firebird when compared to Interbase. Naturally they share
>the same code base but are they headed in different directions because they
>are being managed differently. I apologize if this confusion is taking up
>peoples' time.

Keep in mind that the free version of Interbase 6.01 from Borland is not
tested and not compiled(you can get a compiled version from MERS, but not
tested). Obviously, the paid version of Interbase 6.01 from Borland is
tested. The Firebird releases are tested. Of what I've heard until now,
Firebird and Interbase will be closely related, maybe we might start to see
slight differences in the next versions. Probably, the only ones that
could answer that question properly are those directly involved with the
development of Firebird (i.e. Ann W. Harrison).

Hope this clarifies a bit.

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