Subject RE: [ib-support] Removal of domains
Author Dmitry Yemanov
Hi Lee,

> I am new to interbase.
> When I created a database I did not use domains, so interbase made
> them for me (RDB$418, RDB$419, ....)
> I created domains now, and assigned those domains to the fields in
> the database.
> Now I have a zillion domains (RDB$418, RDB$419, ....) wich I do not
> use anymore.
> How can I delete these ?
> I use QuickDesk but if I look at the domains there I only see the
> domains I created myself.
> How do I remove the domains the database made ?

Of course, you can do it manually (although it is not very good advice
because of your number of domains). In QuickDesk go to the "Database
Registration Info..." menu item, switch to the "Additional" tab and you'll
see the "Show System Generated Domains" option. As for any automatic
actions, take a look at the "Unwanted domains" thread in the IB-Support
archives. It was discussed a few days ago.