Subject Re: [ib-support] "pure" Linux client
Author C R Zamana
RRokytskyy@... wrote:
> > Please, is there any "interbase client" for Linux?
> > I know about one that is for Java applets or something like
> > that, but what I need is a "pure" tcp/ip client. One just
> > to use like this:
> >
> > isql <server_host>:/path/to/database
> Sorry, maybe I miss something, but why cannot you use the CONNECT
> <server_host>:/path/to/database USER <user> PASSWORD <passwd>; SQL statement
> in isql?
> As far as I know if you run isql without the database parameter, it connects
> to the ibserver as any other client. At least I can connect from Linux to my
> Win2k running database server.
> If you specify the "-d" switch I believe that it uses the direct file access
> (at least I had corrupted my db a couple of times).
> So, my suggestion would be: take an IB Linux binaries, install and use isql.

Thanks for your reply.

I have considered this approach. I did only want to know if there was
a cleaner way that was not to install the whole IB just to use the "isql"
A "pure linux client" would be nice.

Thank you.
Best regards.

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