Subject Re: [ib-support] Off Topic, work situation
Author Andrew S. Vaz

At a first glance, I would suggest you to follow Damian's idea. Especially
the stuff about signing. It's important to be able to know _who_ to blame
and _how_ to blame them and how to protect yourself when the sh*t hits the
(I do believe that you may have a drop-dead date with the project and
probably this "Design Master"of your's will make things blow through the
I know that thinking this way isn't politically correct, but... if
everything else didn't work...

OTOH, I could suggest you to read about the BOFH (this is a nasty one...) at

I know that the guy is a bit unpractical and impossible, but at least you'll
get a laugh at the situation (or get some ideas....but that's on your own
responsibility). :)


> Sorry for the off topic subject, but it is really eating me. I
would like to have some advice how to deal with my (so called) chief. He's
interfering in the whole development process of the IB database, even he
doesn't know anything of RDBMS. He doesn't even know what is a index, a
primary key or a foreign key (he is a bookkeeper), and then he still has the
guts to get angry in front of many people with me when he try's to push his
"idea of database design" to me. Explaining it nicely, or asking not to
interfere anymore doesn't work. Has anyone experienced such a arrogant (so
called) chiefs and what was the solution for it ????
> Any help would be very appreciated, because I'm really pissed of today,
> Sorry again for this off topic question,
> Nico