Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Firebird 0-9.4-p1can't create DB as version 6
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
""Leyne, Sean"" <InterbaseSupport@...> wrote in message
> Ron,
> Your's is the second posting about problems related to tools checking
> version numbers, and I know that Ann Harrison will be interested in
> following up on this.

Hmm, didn't have any idea that local v/s remote access would twist
information like dialect.

> > As an aside, I had to remove the version number checking from the
> > Python code and rebuild the
> > package. It seems that the version number being returned was not
> > compatible with the scheme from Interbase. The fellow maintaining the
> > code has never heard of Firebird apparently based on his message to
> > me.
> My only response would be "hasn't heard of Firebird? Where has this guy
> been, the moon?"

Ron, the creator of Kinterbasdb is Alexander Kuznetsov
and in firebird-devel we have
Konstantin Kuznetsov
so I will leave to Sean to check that he's the same person or not. If he is,
then he knows firebird.