Subject Re: [ib-support] Unwanted Domains
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
"Todd Brasseur" <todd.compass-cama@...> wrote in message
> Point well taken Claudio!!!
> Now is there a statement to safely remove unused domains or am I better
> to just leave them alone?

I can't answer this safely until I find time to do my 145th debug session
and see directly the effects inside the engine. But this won't happen until
a week more.

> I don't know where, but I read somewhere that cleaning up domains is a
> good idea.

Probably, since your db carries less garbage. If you can put the zipped
(good) backup in a private URL where I can get it using FTP, please contact
me privately. I read the rest of the thread's articles and think that
probably DYN crashed with your ALTER TABLE statement. If not, the engine was
caught trying to find a pointer to a domain that no longer existed (due to
metadata caching maybe) and it died.