Subject Re: [ib-support] IB and Citrix Metaframe
Author Nando Dessena

> Interbase Citrix Metaframe
> Database Server Server
> Client
> The client opens a terminal session on the Metaframe server
> and starts an IB client application (based on IBO) which is
> running on the Metaframe server.
> This client app accesses the databases on the Interbase Server.
> So IB and Metaframe would run on separate servers.
> This should work, shouldn't it?

that's exactly how I have things set up (except for the fact that the
client applications use the BDE). I have also an environment in which
the IB Server is located on the same machine as the Metaframe server,
and it seems to work ok, if not optimal.
Just size the Metaframe server adequately (ie lots of RAM) and pay
attention to the bandwidth between the two servers.