Subject Re: Firebird 0-9.4-p1can't create DB as version 6
I did some more monkeying around. I completely removed Firebird and
tried Interbase again. The Interbase 6.0.1 version for linux does
work fine with Ibaccess. It also shows dialect 3 with IBConsole
running on NT. When I used IBConsole on the Firebird version of the
same database it showed dialect 1. It seems that there is definately
something odd going on here. I'm not positive, but it seems like the
remote tools are not playing nice with Firebird.

As an aside, I had to remove the version number checking from the Python code and rebuild the
package. It seems that the version number being returned was not
compatible with the scheme from Interbase. The fellow maintaining the
code has never heard of Firebird apparently based on his message to

I guess the biggest thing is I am new to Interbase and am having
enough problems making sure I am doing the right procedures :)

I would definately prefer to use Firebird but not too sure I can for

Best Regards,

--- In ib-support@y..., "Leyne, Sean" <InterbaseSupport@a...> wrote:
> Ron,
> Let's step back for a moment.
> Given that the linux version has been a very popular download of the
> Firebird engine, I find it hard to believe that your problems are
> entirely due to some engine problem.
> Have you tried creating a database using another tool besides
> (I'm not saying it's the problem but you never know) like ISQL or
> Sean