Subject Re: Firebird 0-9.4-p1can't create DB as version 6
I "upgraded" the install to the 0.9.5 Snapshot Build for the Linux
Super server and now it is even worse :(

I can't even get the IBACCESS ver 1.0 to display the GetInfo under
database properties. It now says...Error reading data from the

This may not be the database code to build a production system on I'm
afraid. I think at this point I should probably just use the
Interbase 6.01 uncertified Linux code.

Any thoughts?

--- In ib-support@y..., rcspython@y... wrote:
> I am using the linux version on Mandrake 8...
> I have a problem where when using IBACCESS I can't create a db that
> uses dialect 3 or Appears as Interbase 6. Whatever I set it shows
> after creation as IB 4-5 and dialect 1. I can also not seem to
> these db's after creation.
> Is the default for Firebird IB 4-5 compatability?
> Please help.. I am going nuts! :-(
> Thanks!
> Ron