Subject RE: [ib-support] Oracle and Interbase
Author Rado Benc
Hi Zed,

> I have a problem... I need to transfer the data on my Interbase
> database to
> an Oracle database and vice versa... Is there any 'tool for
> dummys' to make this truly easy?

Borland used to ship DataPump utility with its Delphi and C++Builder
packages (as far as I know, with Enterprise versions only). It used BDE,
as expected. Moreover they shipped an example program for TBatchMove
component (If you have Delphi or C++ Builder, look at Demos, or Examples
I tried these few months ago and they were able to map datatypes properly.
I found them also powerfull enough. IB database of about 1 GB (largest table
about 3M records) got pumped into Oracle in about 1,5 hour.

There are other possibilities of which I know, but far more complicated.