Subject Re: [ib-support] Direct modification to system tables to...
Author Jason Wharton
> Just be crafeul when there are dependencies on that field in (for
> example) stored procedures.
> Check these dependencies before you alter the domain.
> If necessary alter the procedures to an empty body, change the domain,
> change the procedure (and it's variables) according to your needs and
> then re-add the procedure.

Thanks for the additional tips. How about if I just go through and alter all
the stored procedure so that they are recompiled? I am not certain I made
sure all of these dependencies were eliminated.

I usually do this when I am changing the stored procedures input parameters
and such so I'm used to the commenting stuff out. That is a very useful
suggestion for sure. In fact, I just got done changing a bunch of stored
procedures doing that...

Seems I need to add a column dependency tracker to IB_SQL (notice I don't
call it IB_WISQL anymore since we are LINUX bound).

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ