Subject Re: [ib-support] Database backup
Author Andy Canfield
Dietrich Schulten wrote:
> a general question: is it possible to copy the gdb files in a nightly
> backup or is it absolutely necessary to use gbak for this purpose?

As long as no one is accessing the database you can. Depending on the application, you may be able to guarantee that no one is using it at 11PM, or you may need to use gfix to lock out users. Once nobody is using the database, you can use any ordinary tool ( we use PKZIP25 ) to backup the database. I don't bother to shut down the server, but I probably ought to.

One advantage of gbak is that it can run while the database is being used; that is necessary for 24/7 applications.

Another advantage of gbak is that it can create a backup that can be reloaded onto a different architecture; most tools will treat the database merely as a binary glob and the backup must be reloaded onto the same type of machine.

Repeated warning: if you use anything other than gbak to back up the database while people are accessing it, what you have is not a backup, it is very expensive garbage.