Subject Re: [ib-support] Red Hat Linux
Author Paul Reeves
Andy Canfield wrote:
> RedHat 7.1 is the version on now. I'm a total newbie to
> Linux and about to buy one and learn the hard way. RedHat 7.1 is the version
> I am considering. How are things at that level?

No idea. Here's the scoop, as far as I understand it:

Fb/IB Classic Server has always worked with inetd. This demon listens for
requests on specified ports and starts the processes designated to handle those
requests. Installing the CS rpm _should_ manage the details of setting this up.
Usually this is all so simple that falling off a log is a lot harder.

Fb/IB SuperServer has to be started via a dedicated script called during system
startup - not much more complicated, but just enough (for me at least) to not
warrant the effort unless the SS version is absolutely required. For my routine
testing purposes (typically single-user) Classic is fine.

RedHat 7.0 introduces xinetd as the preferred alternative to inetd (and no
longer runs inetd by default). This is supposed to be a better, more secure
implementation of inetd, although I haven't looked into it in detail. However,
Fb (and probably IB) have not been configured to work out of the box with
xinetd. There is a guide to setting it up:, but I haven't tried it. Last
time I looked the rpm install scripts weren't xinetd aware, although this should
and ought to change.


Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further