Subject Re: [ib-support] Red Hat Linux
Author Paul Reeves
Nico Callewaert wrote:
> Hi,
> 2 years ago I bought a Red Hat Linux starter kit (6.0), so I guess
> that's a compact, simple version of Red Hat. The question is, would it be
> reliable and safe to use that to run a Interbase database server ? It's
> for professional purposes.

I recollect that the glibc required for Fb/IB is newer than the one that ships
with RedHat 6.0.

Given the cheapness of Linux distros it really isn't worth mucking around with
older versions, if you haven't already got them installed. However, RedHat 7.0
seems to present a few challenges* when used with Fb or IB. I haven't yet played
with SuSE 7.1 so I cannot say if there are any problems or not.

I personally would go with either RedHat 6.2 or SuSE 7.0.


Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further