Subject RE: [ib-support] Problems restoring a database
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hi Nick,

from the "Operations Guide"

Error Message:
Validation error on column in table <string>

Causes and Suggested Actions to Take:
The database cannot be restored because it contains data
that violates integrity constraints
. Try deleting constraints from the metadata by specifying
-no_validity during restore


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> Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2001 5:28 PM
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> Subject: RE: [ib-support] Problems restoring a database
> Hi,
> after looking at the metadata-only restore and using gbak directly from
> the commandline and not in my UI-tool, I found the problem why the
> restore fails.
> One table has a foreign key to another table which doesn't need to be
> filled, meaning a not null field.
> Now my colleague used a NOT NULL domain for this field, and set it to
> NULL in this table. When restoring, IB will set the field to NOT NULL
> according to the domain definition, not the table definition, and after
> a few rows, it will stop because of the not-null violation.
> Now, I don't need the full database, only the data from three tables, as
> these contain the data I want to merge into my application (project time
> accounting from my employee), as his app will be deprecated.
> Can anybody help me how to restore the database although it fails on one
> tables data? (and I need the data for just the failing table the most)
> At the bottom of the mail, I have the interesting part of the gbak
> log...
> Thanxs again for any help and
> CU, Nick
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Kaputnik [mailto:delphi@...]
> > Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2001 9:09 AM
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> > Subject: [ib-support] Problems restoring a database
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > after my colleague played around with some stored procedures and
> changed
> > their output-parameters while these SP's are already in use by some
> > triggers, he realized that he corrupted the database a bit, as he
> could
> > not drop the SP'S and the triggers anymore due to the old known
> problems
> > with the BLR's.
> > So he changed the output parameters back to what they were and backed
> up
> > the database. Another reason why this guy will be soon fired is, that
> he
> > restored the database without making a hardcopy of the database file
> > itself, which of course resulted into an gbak error.
> >
> > I am now in the problems that the restore-run won't work due to an
> > arithmetic exception and I have no clue how to get it right.
> > I tried Ann Harrisons wise tips with the -v switch and other things I
> > found in the archives on tamaracka, but It simply won't work.
> > I tried a metadata-extract only, and this worked without problems, but
> > the restore with data fails.
> > I think to remember to have read of an option in gbak, where it won't
> > stop on errors and would recreate the rest of the db, but couldn't
> find
> > anything in the search-engine.
> >
> > Thanx for any help,
> >
> > Nick
> >
> >
> > Here are the last few lines of the gbak-output, perhaps it helps:
> > Note, that all tables are restored, but several of them miss all data
> gbak: restoring parameter UEBERSTUNDEN for stored procedure
> gbak: committing metadata
> gbak: restoring index RDB$PRIMARY44
> gbak: restoring index RDB$45
> gbak: restoring index RDB$FOREIGN47
> gbak: restoring data for table ARBEITSBERICHT
> gbak: 3 records restored
> gbak: restoring index RDB$PRIMARY30
> gbak: restoring index RDB$FOREIGN32
> gbak: restoring index RDB$FOREIGN33
> gbak: restoring index RDB$FOREIGN34
> gbak: restoring data for table FIRMEN_NOTIZ
> gbak: 1 records restored
> gbak: restoring index RDB$PRIMARY23
> gbak: restoring index RDB$24
> gbak: restoring data for table LOGINS
> gbak: 21 records restored
> gbak: restoring index RDB$PRIMARY12
> gbak: restoring index RDB$FOREIGN28
> gbak: restoring data for table PROJEKT_MILESTONES
> gbak: 37 records restored
> gbak: restoring index RDB$PRIMARY15
> gbak: restoring index RDB$FOREIGN16
> gbak: restoring index RDB$FOREIGN48
> gbak: restoring index RDB$FOREIGN52
> gbak: restoring data for table ARBEITSSTUNDEN
> gbak: ERROR: validation error for column ARBEITSBERICHT, value "*** null
> ***"
> gbak: ERROR: warning -- record could not be restored
> gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors
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