Subject Rounding erros in calculated columns ?
Author Carlos H. Cantu
An user reported this to me... anybody knows something about it ? Is it a
bug ? :

I have a calculated column :


A,B and C are Numeric(15,2)

* Sometimes * the result is wrong, like :

Ex. A=9.82 , B=0 e C=0 => Total= 10.00

* Sometimes * if I update the record the total value is corrected.


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Interbase-BR -

AWH> At 10:34 AM 6/28/2001 +0100, Ian Newby wrote:

>> Has anyone any information on the relative speed of UDF's verses
>>stored procedures? Which one would be best in this instance.

AWH> For operations that don't require data access, UDFs are as fast
AWH> or faster, particularly when you want to do something like modulo
AWH> that is an operator in C and a pain in the ... in stored procedure
AWH> language. You have the one time cost of loading the dll library,
AWH> but the linkage is quite simple and quick.

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AWH> Ann
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