Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: gpre and VisualC++
Author Paul Schmidt

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Subject: [ib-support] Re: gpre and VisualC++

> Paul,
> > Now if only I can get VisualC++ to realise that it needs to build
> the
> > .c from the .e and then compile it.
> Please find below a makefile example that worked for me (VC++6). It
> will pre-process cs.e, build cs.c, compile to cs.obj, and link. Invoke
> it with NMAKE.

I'll keep your makefile in mind, what I ended up doing, is writing a
small batch file, the batch file takes a single argument, runs gpre
and runs the compiler, so the input is the .e file, and what gets
passed back is the .obj file, the intermediate .c is simply created,
compiled and erased. This has a bonus side-effect that I don't have
the .c files hanging around, so I can't forget and edit them. Nmake
is perfectly happy to run my batch file, if the .e is newer then the


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