Subject Re: [ib-support] gpre and VisualC++
Author Paul Schmidt

On 30 May 2001, at 13:12, C R Zamana wrote:

> > I can see this is going to be a easy and simple process, now gpre
> > doesn't work: First of all it seems that it needs to know the exact
> > database path, username and password in order to be able to compile.
> >
> > So I fed it the line (this is really all on one line)
> >
> > "c:\program files\firebird\bin\gpre" $(InputPath) -d
> > lnxsrvr:/var/ib_data/mystuff.gdb -user sysdba -password masterkey
> >
> > It promptly told me that the user is not defined, yeah right, either
> > I have something wrong here, or gpre is nuts. Please tell me it's
> > something I have wrong, and kindly tell me gpre (Firebird
> > is really OK.
> >
> > More Questions:
> >
> > 1) I want to give the client enough flexability that he can call
> > the database whatever he wants, and stick it wherever he wants, and
> > use a different user and password, I wouldn't normally use SYSDBA,
> > but I want to experiment with this....
> >
> > 2) Even if I use the above, can I still specify something else with
> > a connect statement inside.
> >
> I use gpre in Linux without problems. See if my example can
> help you about the connection stuff:

Yeah, big help, , by moving the database info to a set database
command at the top of the source, it works.
Now if only I can get VisualC++ to realise that it needs to build the
.c from the .e and then compile it. In Linux this is easy, you
simply build an extra rule, VisualC++ builds it's own make files, and
they are worse then if you took all of the Linux kernel makefiles,
and rolled them into one. VisualC++ has no qualms about over writing
the make file, once you change it.


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