Subject Re: [ib-support] gpre and VisualC++
Author Ann W. Harrison

>I can see this is going to be a easy and simple process, now gpre
>doesn't work: First of all it seems that it needs to know the exact
>database path, username and password in order to be able to compile.

Right. Gpre reads the database (some database anyway) to get the
metadata so it can build appropriate structures. Since you're on a
uSoft system, you need to provide a user name and password. On
any other kind of system, you can use an alias (logical name) to
designate the database, but uSoft doesn't do it that way. The new
firebird has an aliasing capability on Windows. I haven't paid
close attention to how it works. "Sean Lyne" <sleyne@...>
can probably explain it.

>So I fed it the line (this is really all on one line)
>"c:\program files\firebird\bin\gpre" $(InputPath) -d
>lnxsrvr:/var/ib_data/mystuff.gdb -user sysdba -password masterkey
>It promptly told me that the user is not defined, yeah right, either
>I have something wrong here, or gpre is nuts. Please tell me it's
>something I have wrong, and kindly tell me gpre (Firebird
>is really OK.

Try the SYSDBA in uppercase. I've added my install directory to my
system path - it avoids a lot of typing.

>More Questions:
>1) I want to give the client enough flexability that he can call the
>database whatever he wants, and stick it wherever he wants, and use a
>different user and password, I wouldn't normally use SYSDBA, but I
>want to experiment with this....
>2) Even if I use the above, can I still specify something else with a
>connect statement inside.

Yes. gpre has both a compile time and a runtime database.


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