Subject Re: [ib-support] Where to download Firebird?
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:50 PM 25-05-01 +0100, you wrote:
>Where is the best place to download Firebird for Windows?
>But then what about this one?:
>What is this? Source, binary?

It's the best one - a fully automated Wise installation, includes everything.

>Also, can I run these on a single Windows 98 PC?

Mmm, for experimenting, yes. Set up Localhost in your HOSTS file if it's not already there and put TCP/IP at the top of your comms protocol stack. Use localhost as your server.

Come back here to the list if you have any problems.

>Is there a good installation & set-up guide for Firebird and Firebird databases?
>I found documentation sets at:
>Is this the best documentation I'll get?

It's the only documentation. Get them all. You'll need to have the OpsGuide nearby for installation, even if all you need it for is to find out how to run the diagnostics program.

>Is there a good book you would recommend on Firebird/Interbase?

Not yet. :)) Early 2002, fingers crossed, will be the Developer's Handbook for InterBase and Firebird. The manuals will get you started. Some of the docs at the IBPhoenix site will help you through problem areas. Then just ask if you get stuck. The best answers to your questions will go into the book. <g>


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