Subject Re: isql problem
I replied to this on the atkin news interface and it didn't seem
to show up. So here it is:

robertsc@... wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I am attempting to setup a batch file to run a metadata extract of
> database from a client machine. I keep getting username/password
> errors and I'm sure the username and password exist on the server
> client and that I have not mis-typed anything. I'm beginning to
> wonder if the order of isql command line arguments is the problem.
> Here's my command line for ISQL:
> isql -user SYSDBA -password myPassword -a -output c:\gcrc.ddl
> cdmas:e:\dbdev\gcrc.gdb
> can anynody spot the problem?
What version are you using ? This bug
(beware, the url will line wrap)
existed in firebird until 2001-01-28 and may still exist in the
borland version.

The bug makes -user and -passowrd not work with -a or -x.
You can use the ISC_USER and ISC_PASSWORD environment variables
as a workaround.

Unless I'm mistaken, the current firebird binaries were
also built before the bug fix date.

> thanks
> rob
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