Subject Re: [ib-support] Extracting DML from a database
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:14 AM 04-05-01 +0300, you wrote:
>Let's say I entered some data in some tables usinf some end user interface.
>I need to extract these data in a similare way to extracting DDL
>expressions, that is I need a text containing, basicaly, all the insert
>operations that allow me to repopulate a fresh Database with those data.
>Is that possible? (I use IB6).

I do this all the time using the free IB_WISQL tool from

I open the script editor in an empty text file, .sql by convention. For convenience, I keep a template file on hand that contains the CREATE DATABASE stump, connection string, et al., commented out. The IB_WISQL tool doesn't require the connect string if you are already logged into the database; and your DDL might well be ALTER statements, anyway. You might just as well be updating an existing script as creating a new one.

I enter DML via the DSQL tab (which is itself an editor, and can conserve all the 'New' pages you create as you go along). I commit the work and paste the latest statement into the open script.

I never use just one script to create/recreate a database. This suits me better from a documentation point of view; but it also ensures that things are always kept in the correct creation order (failure to do this was a bug in the metadata output tool of IB 5.6 WISQL).

Of course, most of the client tools currently in use will output a complete DDL script for you. I don't bother because most of them don't output the commented text and I use my scripts for documentation.


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