Subject Re: [ib-support] ibinstall.dll - is this one supported in firebird?
Author Paul Reeves
Dennis Fantoni wrote:
> Sorry for asking stupid questions, but my entire C/S deployment system
> depends on ibinstall.dll
> Borland changed the latest ibinstall.dll and it doesn't work for me anymore
> (problem when upgrading a 4.2 interbase ibserver.exe service entry). I am
> about ready to start to give firebird a "field test" of sorts (and that
> starts with building an installer).. but i need it to work with
> ibinstall.dll

Those nice people at Borland have not made ibinstall open source. Therefore
changing to Firebird is not going to solve your problem with ibinstall.

My suggestion would be to rewrite the deployment system without ibinstall _and_
switch to Firebird. That way you wont get caught out in the future.


Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further