Subject Re: Alter database into 2 files?
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> Hi. By the way, what's difference between Interbase and Firebird?
And, the database files can be extended (added) as needed
automatically, or must be manually?

Hi, Marcus. Interbase is version supported by Borland. Borland
sells certified builds. Opensource version became a joke. Firebird is
really open source and free and is supported by independent
developers. I can't surely talk about their official status but
suspect that they are IBPhoenix. They visits this group and can make
it more exact. Can say only that their plans for future evolution are
more interesting than Borland's.
Database size are limited for both. Limit dependent on version and
operating system but it is recommended not to exceed 2Gb per file
even if version/OS supports 4Gb. Extension (adding files) must be
done manually via Alter Database statement or backup/restore. My
question was caused by my uncertainty in Alter Database for beta that
I use, I wanted to save time if someone already tried it. Test made
by myself showed that it is safe.

Best regards.

P.S. Post via yahoo group.