Subject Re: WNET error terror
--- In ib-support@y..., "matt" <crooser@d...> wrote:
> 100% identical hardware in each
> TCP-IP is the ONLY protocol installed and bound to nics...
> NETBUI is not installed on ANY pc...
> but still the interbase log (on the server) is filling up with the
following error
> SERVER (Server) Wed Feb 28 09:24:38 2000
> WNET/wnet_error: ReadFile end-of-file errno = 109
> the message below (from communities)
> states its only a netbui problem.... i'm tearing my hair out here
> Wingate is installed on one of the pc's (not the server)
> Any ideas?

I think it depends on your connection string. If you use
\\servername\drive:\path\data.gdb then you will use NetBeui but if you
use servername:drive:\path\data.gdb then you will use TCP/IP no matter
what you have on you clients! how/why this works i dont know.