Subject Re: [ib-support] Join, SP and ORDER BY: strange behaviour
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 08:42 PM 3/11/2001 +0100, Nando Dessena wrote:

> > ...The resultset is NOT ordered by A.AFIELD if AFIELD is indexed, unless it
> > is KEYFIELD ...
> >
> > The problem goes away if I:
> > - request a descending sort, or
> > - use a left join (SP left join table, which in my case is equivalent),
> > or
> > - remove/deactivate the index, or
> > - remove the join with the SP

>Hasn't anyone anything to say about it?

Yes, but until now, my mail program rejected my replies
as offensive. What an ugly problem... and how likely
that it's in code I really don't want to look at.

>Should I try to generate a
>reproducible test case with the latest FB build and optionally submit a
>bug report?

A reproducible case and a bug report would be great.


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