Subject Re: [ib-support] Master/Detail - Interbase
Author Sindu
Hi Dimitar,

I'd suggest that you use TClientDataSet as a replacement for cached
updates. Using TClientDataSet has many advantages. Transaction life is
very short (only when required) and you have all flexibility of a

Take a look at this URL below:


On Wed, 7 Mar 2001, Dimitar Selensky wrote:

> Hello all,
> This is a very old question. In many of my forms I have tables linked in
> master/detail relation ship. When someone creates a new master record and
> several detail records, if the user cancels the master records, the detail
> records will fall in the eternity...
> One way is to use cached updates. But with cached updates I can't have a
> query, doing a sum over some of the values (the sum is pretty complicated
> and needs to have a group by clause, as for example it might sum prices in
> different currencies).
> Another way is to use transactions. When I start inserting or updating
> detail rows, I start a transaction and it's being commited if the master is
> saved and rollback-ed if it's canceled. It works perfectly, but:
> 1. The transaction life could be *very* long.
> 2. If there's another master/detail form of the same type opened at the same
> time, there's a problem, as there's only one transaction (using tDatabase).
> Is there another way of doing it? Somebody out there must have figured a
> nicer way. I haven't found a way to have nested transactions in Interbase.
> Is it possible?
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