Subject Re: [ib-support] IB for NetWare & Win2000 IPX/SPX
Author Paul Reeves
"David R. Robinson" wrote:
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Out of interest, can the W2K boxes communicate in general with Netware over IPX?
The Win2k bit seems to be the piece thats changed. Are there issues with IPX
support from Win2k generally?

Considering that even Novell have abandoned IPX/SPX for TCP/IP and MS no longer
see Netware as a competitor your customers would be well advised to consider
removing the IPX protocol from the equation entirely, imo. Netware has always
supported tcp/ip (at least as far back 3.11) so it is nigh on certain that your
customers will be able to use it. With one common protocol they might even see a
performance improvement.


Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further