Subject Re: Fwd: Re: [ib-support] Recursive procedure
> Curious, the only thing that HTML on msgs cause me is that, sometimes,
> it became a real problem in readability.
> By size is not much easy to get which is ASCII and what is HTML.
> Most messages varies on 3kb to 5Kb. HTML messages is s* because
> of these letters and the bright white background which really irritate me.

The HTML problem is that it includes a 'live' link to the yahoo
advertising. If you do not have autodial set, then it asks if you want
to connect. I have autodial, as my children have their own computers and
access via the same line. Up until last month, each connection was
costing UK£0.2 adding up to UK£200 per month. Now I only pay UK£15 for
unlimited calls, but I know a lot of other users are still paying per
second for access. That is why etiquet is to only use plain text for ANY
eMail. Sites that insist on sending me HTML eMail get a rude letter and
are dropped, so they lose out.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services