Subject Re: [ib-support] gbak restore corruption
Author Ann W. Harrison
Geoff Worboys wrote:
> I am now reconstructing the system to run with IB6. I thought it
> would be nice if gbak worked with this new version. At every step
> along the way I have tested gbak using backup, restore and then
> validation processing and all appeared to be going well. And then I
> came to try and open a particular table immediately after establishing
> connection and the server falls in a heap.
> The problem only occurs when I open this particular table first thing
> after connecting to the database. If I open another table first I can
> then successfully open the problem table and read all its data, if
> any. The problem occurs even if there is no data in the problem
> table.

Approximately how many tables do you have? How big is the backup?
Does this happen with a metadata backup, or just with a full backup?
From your description, I think that the problem is serious and would
like a chance to reproduce it. Any chance you could send me the backup?
Absolutely no promises on schedule.

Geoff Worboys again:
>If I am going to go to that sort of trouble I think I will just write
>my own backup routines. It cant be too difficult, and at least I will
>know that the data is stored where I can get at it when disaster

The difficulty is not in the backup, it's in the restore. You have to
be very careful of the order in which you restore data, triggers, &
constraints. Easier, of course, if you know the database.