Subject Re: Ads and HTML
Author Lester Caine
> So does posting a message using the yahoogroups web site via a
> browser send in HTML format?

This is being done on-line to find out!

The edit window is text only, and you sit looking at the advertising
while you are typing, so they do not need to add it, but it is not the
most efficient way of working.

My 'bitch' in the past has been that downloading the advertising was
the bulk of my connection costs. For the last month I have had
unlimited access for £15(UK) per month so it is the BT's problem now
rather than mine. But I know there are still a lot of users that pay
for every second of unnecessary download, and then bigest cost is when
an html message causes an automatic dial out. Also I archive all
material, and have to strip the C*** when it appears.

Has anybody found an eMail address for directing this to Yahoo? I have
spent 15 minutes going around yahoo, but there only seems to be eMail
addresses if I want to SPENT money with them.