Subject RE: [ib-support] Interbase coexisting with other SQL servers
Author Paul Schmidt

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Subject: RE: [ib-support] Interbase coexisting with other SQL servers

> I got a letter from distributor:
> > We had a case when we broke down customers accounting program
> > - database server, on all three computers we were installing our TH.
> > He had Perversive SQL v 7.0 or 2000 database server who refused to
> > Start up, as a result General protection fault. So the customer on
> > next day installed Windows and his accounting softw on a formatted
> > computers, customer still uses only Hansaplus. I afraid that he will
> > let us even near to his office after this case. How about this
> > compatibility - is there something we should know.
> Can ayone give me some comments. About Perversive SQL and others (MS
> SQL Server, MySQL, etc.)

The biggest reason for different db servers not liking each other, is if
they try to use the same TCP/IP port, if your in a Unix or Windows
environment, check the services file, on Unix it will be in the /etc
and on Windows it will be in the \windows folder. Fighting for the
same port, might cause one or both programs to GPF, especially if it
gets data formatted for the other program.

If they use different ports, then there is the possibility that there
is a bug in PervasiveSQL, unless they have done a lot of debugging
since PSQL 2000 came out, then this bug has more then a few friends.

Now my Linux server has MySQL on it, but the client machine doesn't
have a client, so I can't fully test whether they agree with each
other or not.

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