Subject Re: [ib-support] RE: Private: Help... Can't delete procedure... can't restore DB!
I've have only just come in on this, but had a similar problem with a
database I was working with from IB5.5. ( It got missed in the IB5.6
update round )

You say you can still read the database with IB_WISQL, so presumably it
can still be accessed?

What I did was backed up metadata only and created a clean blank
database, then used IB_WISQL Datapump to move the data in. It actually
ran from the IB5.5 server to an IB6 server, and so I took the
opportunity to rename a couple of fields at the same time to remove new
keywords. I then found a problem in a data table which I was able to
fix. You just limit the range of the pump so that it moves only clean
records, until you are left with the problem area.

If you have a problem with the actual metadata, you may have to play
with the blank to get it right, but the result should be a clean

I would recommend this approach to anybody who wants to remove 'dros'
from a database metadata, just build the modified blank and pump the
data. Certainly do it before releasing a new version to customer sites,
using a clean set of TEXT metadata to build the blank.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services