Subject Re: Blobs
ISQL sucks for blob manipulation/usage.

You can however display them by using
the SET BLOB ALL command within ISQL.

If you enjoy the command line stuff try
to find QLI.exe for 6.01.

Or check out one of the IB sites for client
tools. There are many that are more robust
than ISQL.


--- In ib-support@y..., "Paul Collings" <paul.collings@f...> wrote:
> Hi,
> Interbase 6.01
> WIN2000
> Last weekend I downloaded Interbase client/server and installed
> it onto the laptop, and it is running very well.
> I would like to select proj_desc from project at the isql prompt,
> but of course I cannot as it is a blob, the statements have to be
> embedded into a third generation language.
> Okay, but I cannot run C scripts from the isql prompt.
> How can I write, test, debug and run C scripts which have
> Interbase embedded SQL statements inside them ?
> many thanks,
> Paul.
> paul.collings@f...
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