Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Remote connections
Author Brad Pepers
On Tuesday 27 February 2001 19:32, you wrote:
> Can you ping the window from the dragon?
> eg. ping windows

Yes I said in my email that the database is "on a system I can ping called
windows". That is not the problem.

> I think you have a network name resolution
> issue not connection string syntax issue.

Well I can ping either way and I can connect from Windows to Linux so I'm not
sure where the name resolution problem would be. Have you connected to a
Windows database from Linux? If so, what connection string did you use? And
did you use "isql" or some other tool?

Most interesting to me is that the error message mentions not being able to
connect to "node c" which it shouldn't even be trying to do. It looked to me
like it was getting confused which part of the connect string was the node
and which was the path since the path contains a colon.

Brad Pepers