Subject Re: [ib-support] UNION
Author Dorin Pacurar
The problem was that I wanted to display in the same grid a table (actually
query) with the first column VARCHAR(8) and another eight numeric columns,
and the last row (result of the union clause) the sum of each column, with
the 'TOTAL' string on the first column.
After half a day of digging I found the problem. In the union clause the
statement must be
SELECT CAST('TOTAL' AS VARCHAR(8)) AS SUM. Without casting the exact size
(SELECT 'TOTAL' AS SUM) the things don't work.
So, Sean you were right.

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> >Helen,
> >
> >Unfortunately your assertion is not true, a UNION can return a set
> >containing any number of rows including 0 and 1.
> Quite true - but it's not a singleton select, because it potentially
returns multiple rows.
> Just the same as
> select * from aTable where account_type='FREE' is not a singleton select,
even if it returns 1 or 0 rows.
> Helen
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