Subject Re: [ib-support] Query Plan
Author Jason Wharton
> Thank you very much for the trick about adding || to
> avoid indexes. It really helps me out. I really like
> it instead of specifying plan manually.

You are welcome, it surprises me how often I have relied upon this. I can't
remember exactly who I learned this from but it is one of my little gems.

Here's a little story from the world of wrestling with stubborn InterBase

One time I thought this gem was going to save someone's bacon but it didn't.
Instead, I had to take some complex UPDATE statements and transform them
into stored procedures. To be exact, there were 12 of them... Funny thing
is, it was right during the posting of the primary election results and the
media was hounding us sharply for them. Our contractor had written the
statements and it was taking forever once fully loaded. Each statement was
similar yet different in some subtle way and it was already getting to the
middle of the night by the time I was able to finish. Each statement I would
finish immediately went to use and election results were projected live
everywhere. It was a little stressful to say the least but I got them all
done with little perceptible delay to the outside world...

Hope that doesn't happen again! And it didn't during the general election,
thank goodness. Everything went perfectly well that night. And to think, I
could have had some of Florida's press... <g>

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ