Subject Re: [ib-support] Too many versions error
Author Daniel Rail
Does anybody know if Firebird has this limit of 255 metadata changes? I'm
creating a program that would make the necessary modifications on my
clients servers. But if there's a limit on the changes, this could be
dangerous for me, since most of my clients had guidance on installing the
software and don't want to take the time for maintenance. I have one
question, if I incorporate in the software the backup and restore(with
replace), would this work?

Thank you in advance.

Daniel Rail

At 21/02/2001 14:26, you wrote:

> >I have the following error when trying to ALTER a DOMAIN:
> >
> >Project raised exception class EIB_ISCError with message
> >'ISC ERROR CODE:335544351
> >unsuccessful metadata update
> >too many versions'
>You may have exceeded the "limit" on metadata changes, I believe it is
>255. If so, a gbak, then restore will reset the for you.
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