Subject Re: [ib-support] firebird for e-commerce
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 01:26 AM 2/21/2001 +0000, scuba_styb@... wrote:

>im a developer and im planning to use firebird on an e-commerce-site to
>be. ill be developing the server-side applications with java under linux.
>Would u guys suggest Firebird to be used in my project?

Yes, though we expect Firebird and InterBase(r) to be interface
compatible for some time, so you won't be locked into your choice.

>im a keen observer of Open Source Interbase. and in fact ive developed
>some web in house java applications using interbase 6 beta. im just
>concerned of the security and the stability.

Security is something of a concern, but the demands of web security
go so far beyond the scope of what SQL can provide that you must
expect to add some additional layers of protection. Given that
and reasonably sanitary installation and system management, I think
you provide acceptable security.

Stability is also a concern - as you can see from another thread on
this list. My opinion is that the problems that site sees come from
foreign key indexes where the ration of parents to children is too
low, resulting in long duplicate chains. That is something that
Firebird will address.

>i think it is safe to assume that the only source i can get help/support
>is from the website. is there already any companies that
>offers commercial service like having a pre-package firebird (w/ support

There is We don't have a CD yet - waiting for a V1 -
but we do offer support packages.

>do u think its too early to use it on the enterprise? although my
>impression on Interbase 5, is already a mature database that can rival
>most of the "Industry Standard" db servers.

And V6 is better, despite Borland's noises about certification.


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