Subject Re: [ib-support] Default values don't work Properly
Author Chef

your default value is filled in on the IB server. So if the Query inserts a new
record and sends it to the IB server then the default s are applied there.
You need to do a refresh after the insert - or better tell the Query to do
the refresh automatically: just set the property "BufferSyncroFlags" (I
currently don't have the correct name in mind) to "bsfAfterInsert".

BTW if you ask IBO specific questions in the IBObjects mailing list
( you'll get many responses
by IBO professionals.


At 12:05 14.02.2001 +1300, you wrote:
> I have table with default values for field defined in database as
>create table "Sample" (
>"Number" integer not null primary key,
>"Date" Date default current_Date,
>if I use IBOTable the default values are not added to the table. I
>know there is default values property but that is like assigning
>values to the field, but default values must be filled in if they are not
>specified, which doesn't happens. Any Suggestions?