Subject Re: [ib-support] GDB Size
Author Ann Harrison
At 12:05 AM 2/10/2001 -0500, Robert F. Tulloch wrote:

> I want to change CITY to varchar(30).

Alter table allzip (alter column city varchar (30));

Ah yes, InterBase won't let you make a column shorter.
Well, InterBase will, but DSQL won't.

You could:

update rdb$fields
set (rdb$field_length = 30, rdb$character_length = 30)
where rdb$field_name =
(select rfr.rdb$field_source
from rdb$relation_fields rfr
where rfr.rdb$relation_name = 'MY_TABLE'
and rfr.rdb$field_name = 'MY_COLUMN'

but that's not the point. Could you send me a backup of the
original database so I could figure out what is going wrong
without typing in 46979 rows of data?


We have answers.