Subject Re: [ib-support] Locate & Lock Conflict
Author Jason Wharton
If this is an IBX related question I recommend that you bring this up in
their newsgroup. Perhaps it is a common issue people are struggling with
right now.

I would also like to encourage all people on this list to discuss things
like IBX, IBO, the BDE, FIB+, etc. in their respective forums and keep this
one primarily pure InterBase related issues.

The only way I can think that a Locate() could cause a deadlock is if
someone is using a transaction isolation that prevents it from selecting a
record that a newer version exists for in another transaction. There is such
an isolation setting. Committed with RecVersion is the combination to pay
attention to. RecVersion means that you are or aren't able to see a record
that a more recent uncommitted record exists for.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [ib-support] Locate & Lock Conflict

> Hi:
> I was testing App (BCB5 sp1-IB6-IBX 4.42) and had some problems in code
> Bookmarks (freeing NULL). I test several times and kept crashing the app.
> I fixed that an a while later I did a locate on the same table and got
IB error-Lock
> Conflict. I tried to validate (from my app) and it just hung. I then went
to IBConsole
> and noted that I was logged on as SYSDBA 6 time! I thought when the app
crashed and I
> reset it, it would drop the logged on user. O well.
> After shutting down and restarting IB server, all the extraneous logons
were gone
> and my Locate() worked again with no problems.
> I don't understand why a record lock conflict would arise from a
Locate() and does
> this mean one should wrap all locates in a try-catch?
> Thanks for any help/info.
> Best regards
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