Subject RE: [ib-support] UPDATE when row does not exist
Author Christian G├╝tter

glad to see you're still there :-)
It was a great time with you and you were a
busy writer - the lists won't be the same without
you (at least for me).

Concerning my question: you're right. I guess it is
more a philosophical topic: when I try to select a
record and there isn't any, I would expect no error.

But when trying to update a record using the PK in the
WHERE clause, I would expect the record exists and
anticipate an error when it is not there.

As you said, Interbase's philosophy is different of mine -
so there is no more need to discuss :-(

Have a good time and try to stay tuned!


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> Subject: RE: [ib-support] UPDATE when row does not exist
> Christian,
> I don't understand why you expect an error. IB _is_ updating
> all records
> where user_name = 'X', but there aren't any. How is this
> different from
> SELECT * FROM T_Users WHERE User_Name = 'X' ;
> (returns no rows), or
> n := 0 ;
> for i := 1 to n do
> ShowMessage ('i = ' + IntToStr (i)) ;
> (shows no messages)
> Art Metz
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